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Account Services

Security Features

  • Files are uploaded and downloaded between the end user and the storage tier directly over an Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted segment using high grade encryption.
  • Each user is given a unique username and password to login. Passwords are hashed so that not even A2D employees can access this information.
  • Client data is stored on servers maintained by Amazon Web Services in multiple locations across the globe. 
    All data centers are SSAE 16 certified, proving that they meet high standards for security. Physical access is tightly controlled, and double verification is required to proceed to any areas housing data. Servers are firewall protected and regularly updated to ensure that all of the latest security patches and updates are in place.
  • In case of disaster, there are multiple backup strategies in place to protect against loss of data. Files are frequently backed up to a disaster recovery data center, and mirrored in real time to a secondary server location to ensure that service can be quickly resumed in the case of a disruption at the primary server location.

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