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Tax Preparation - The A2D Way

Specializing in Individual and Small Business services

We Maximize Your Refund the Legal Way

A2D Tax Professionals are dedicated to making sure they find every deduction and credit applicable to your situation.  We talk with you and ask relevant questions in an effort to get you the biggest tax refund allowed.

Client Satisfaction Our Priority

We include the A2D Satisfaction Guarantee with every return we prepare.  Our Tax Return Review process includes not only a careful scrutiny of the completed tax return prior to presenting it to you, but we will go over it with you and explain the results in language you can understand.  Our goal is to ensure that your tax return is complete and accurate PRIOR to filing it with the taxing authorities.  

If your tax return is selected for audit or other inquiry, we'll explain your IRS tax audit notice and what documentation you should provide to the auditor. Furthermore, for an additional fee*, we offer comprehensive Audit Assistance services through Protection Plus which includes as an added bonus Identity Theft Restoration services.  We don't want even the slightest delay in providing you the prompt, profession service you deserve.  So we've linked up with Protection Plus to help us help you!  

What does this mean for you?

  • Relief from IRS and state audit or inquiry headaches — Protection Plus can help relieve the anxiety that results from receiving an inquiry from the IRS! With a simple phone call, you will receive the assistance you need from an experienced professional. Protection Plus works directly with you and the IRS (and state if applicable) to bring the matter to resolution and A2D will receive updates on any correspondence as the case is being processed.
  • Unique case resolution — Protection Plus works to get denied credits such as EIC, Child Tax Credits, and Education Credits funded and Protection Plus assists in resolving rejected ITIN (W-7) applications. Schedule A, Schedule C and Schedule E are also covered at no additional charge.
  • IRS identity theft assistance — Protection Plus will assist you if you problems in filing your tax return due to a suspected identity theft incident by interacting with the IRS on your behalf. Protection Plus will assist in completing all required paperwork to be submitted to the IRS and getting your tax return successfully filed. Protection Plus also assists in obtaining an IRS Identity Protection PIN to prevent a future event.
  • $2,500 guarantee** — You can rest easy knowing that participating A2D services are guaranteed. If a legitimate preparer error is made during the filing of your tax return, you will be reimbursed for the consequent taxes, penalties or interest up to $2,500.
  • Tax debt relief — Protection Plus is now offering help with taxpayers who owe tax debts to the IRS. When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience. At no extra charge, Protection Plus staff will work with you for a resolution to your debt.
  • Identity theft restoration services — For a full year following enrollment, A2D clients who purchase Protection Plus are provided access to experienced Identity Theft Restoration professionals who provide comprehensive, personalized recovery services for identity theft incidents.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee 100% Satisfaction on our tax prep services at A2D – you only pay us if you accept your return***.  

How It Works

  1. Click "Schedule My Free Consultation" to arrange a time to speak briefly with an A2D tax professional.
  2. You will receive email notification of your login credentials to access the secure A2D Web Vault.
  3. Access the A2D Web Vault to download the Client Tax Organizer that best fits your situation.  Complete and sign it.
  4. Gather your tax documents such as W-2s, 1099s, mortgage statements, etc.
  5. Upload everything to your secure client directory in the A2D Web Vault (or mail it to A2D using USPS Priority® Mail Flat rate service).
  6. Your A2D Tax Professional will contact you to follow up.  When your return is finished, you can schedule an appointment to review and sign it or you can review and approve it online — whatever is easiest for you.  Just contact the A2D office to get started.

*    Protection Plus audit assistance and ID Theft Restoration coverage is recommended by A2D and is automatically added to your tax preparation fees upon completion of your tax return.  Be sure to inform us prior to or during your Tax Return Review if you would like to opt out of this additional coverage and its benefits.

​**   Subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Tax Reimbursement Program Terms and Conditions.  $2,500 may not be available in all states.  Tax Preparation Guarantee is not available in SD, TN, WY and Puerto Rico and may not be available in all other states.

​***  By authorizing A2D to prepare your tax return by signing the tax return preparation agreement, by returning the completed and signed Client Tax Organizer, or by uploading your tax records to the A2D Web Vault you are accepting the return and are obligated to pay all fees when due.

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